Training with Q.O.A.C.H is like learning a new language: a little every day is far better than a lot today!

4 questions a day are enough to train your prevention skills and memory:

– one totally random question (choose one you like)
– one picked from the recently added list
– one in a topic of your choice
– one extracted from the tag cloud, which allows a quick overview of what’s important.

If you meet a question you’ve seen before, good, try to recall the highlighted keywords in the message, the training is just about getting slowly acquainted with information: you will then integrate smoothly this new knowledge in your everyday’s thoughts and attitudes.

Note down questions of particular interest to you, either in your bookmarks or in your diary (a printable version is available). And, eventually, you might share them, either directly or through email, with someone you care for, a parent, a friend or a collegue.

Happy training!

A.-P. GASPAR, M.D., Ph.D.,
President of The Longevity Project
Founder of Q.O.A.C.H